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From a Shipmate

USS Norfolk MysterY #2
Submitted by Bob Godas and Bill Svendsen, MM3

A 50-Year Old Mystery

Where is J.R. Mills MM3, Serial # 350-11-XX who served on the USS Norfolk in the late 50’s or 1960?

This past Christmas, my brother Lyn told me an amazing story and gave me a USS Norfolk patch.

My brother is a real saver of his Navy gear and artifacts from his Navy days on the aircraft carrier USS Hornet (1956-1960). This fall he was going through his seabag and was looking for his 3rd class MM emblem on a white jumper. Remember, shipmates, when we gave our dress whites to the laundry trucks dockside when we were in port. They would wash, turn inside out and starch them real good. Lyn took one of his 50-year old dress whites and found it had the USS Norfolk name patch sewn on the shoulder and the name and serial number stenciled for J. R. Mills.

The Norfolk went on a temporary deployment to the Pacific coast and left from Norfolk, VA about the 17th of May, 1959 with a return about 21 August, 1959. The commanding officer was J. W. Koenig. The USS Hornet was on a Wes-Pac cruise in 1959 and returned in late 1959 to Long Beach, CA. I know the USS Norfolk spent some time at Long Beach during our stay on the west coast.
My brother and I never saw each other because the USS Norfolk headed back to the East coast before the return of the USS Hornet.

The question remains, how did J.R. Mills white jumper with the USS Norfolk name patch get into my brothers seabag?

If you know the answer, please contact the ship coordinator of the USS Norfolk.