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From a Shipmate

Reaching Out to Those Who Are Unaware of Our Efforts and the Reunions We Have Each Year
Submitted by Mike Bugara, President, Destroyer Leader Association
13 November 2006

I had a positive experience this past weekend during a meeting with a member of the USS Willis A Lee, DL 4. He will be at our next reunion and was the Weapons Officer on board when Frank Graham, Howard Dobson, and myself served. This found shipmate is (Lt.) Dave Mader.

Frank, who was also present, and I wore our LEE jackets. During dinner, a gentleman came to our table to thank us for serving our country as veterans. Dave, Frank, and I said that it was the first time for all of us in 40 years that someone whom we did not know came out of the blue to thank us for serving in the military. It was a great feeling.

Together Again After 40 Years-Nov 2006

(Lt.) Dave Mader (l), new-found shipmate
Frank Graham (c), Ship Coordinator, DL 4
Mike Bugara (r); President, DL Assn.