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From a Shipmate

"USS Norfolk Arrives at Havana, Cuba on 26 Feb 1958"

Submitted by William Schauer, DL 1; 1957-1960

"That was the day of my 21st birthday, and we were at Naval Station Key West that day. I was at my sea detail on the bridge when this photo was taken. Along the waterfront on the bottom of the picture just after this picture was taken, an old Buick caught on fire, and a man was taking rifles out of the burning car and putting them into another.

After Havana, we stopped at Naval Base Gitmo. We had liberty in Gitmo City while there. That's unheard of now days. The whole ship had a softball game with beer on the weekend while at Gitmo.

Later on while on cruise, we stopped at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. That was my first visit, and I thought it was a real beautiful place.

I am going to close this letter now. I was a PN2 when I left the Norfolk and shipped over on the Norfolk. Now I am a retired PNC, USN."